Three Steps to Creating a More Engaging Course


If you are interested in really launching a course that drive more business your way, you will want to consider making it more engaging. Courses are a get way to filter into your funnel potential long term leads and driving up the client lifetime value. Not only that, but engaging courses create more brand alignment and engagement, oh and not to mention referrals.

Below are three tips for creating a more engaging Courses:

1. Write it as if you were the learner, not the expert
Get your mind and content into the shoes of your learners. Approach your course content from their eyes, not your own.

2. Beta test your course
Offer your course at a discounted price. Ask for direct feedback and testimonials. USE this information to create more robust course materials while also continuously engaging with clients. This feedback from your beta launch will help you to create even more engaging materials and answer questions that may arise quicker for a learner.

3. Add tangible and thought provoking actions throughout
Don’t just teach concepts or your expertise. Draw learners in to actually absorb, and apply the information you are sharing with them. People will often stop a course if they are not fully engaged, if there are no actions to take or if they are bored out of their mind by too much information,

When you combine these three tips, you will not only have more engagement, but also a better course and longer lifetime client value.


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