The Real Cost of Creating Your Own Course


I know what you are thinking … umm I can pay XXXX influencer $3,000 and learn everything I need to know to create and sell my course…and make millions. And maybe you are right. In theory, you CAN buy a course, on creating a course … then you build it, design it, market it, launch it, pre-sell it … and so much more.

The truth is, most of these “buy our course on how to create a course” courses are just that: a course. They don’t actually provide you with what you need to LAUNCH. It is mostly theory (which is great) — without any implementation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you can, in fact, create and launch a very successful course from a do it yourself option…but do you really want to? Let me ask you another way: do you really have time to?

Seriously, do you really want to invest in all of the different avenues for branding, design, course creation, marketing, etc…Not to mention the countless hours you need to actually write out your course, create supporting materials, and launch it?

Here are three BIG underlying costs that most don’t consider when trying to launch their own course:

1. Your actual buying audience size.

I am going to be real with you, if you are currently making less than $150,000 a year… now might not be the right time for you to launch a course.

2. The amount of “other things” you will need to have lined up to make your course launch a success.

When you want to create and launch a course, you have to take into account how much work is involved in the launch. Writing and designing your course is a big part of the process, but hardly the only tasks to consider. It is important to have a plan on how you are going to market and sell your course. You have to have a clear understanding about:

1. How are you going to market your course
2. Where are you hosting your course
3. What your strategy is for the course

Most people don’t realize that these resources can not only take a tremendous amount of time to align, but will also cost a tremendous amount if individually purchased or incrementally implemented.

You are also going to want to consider…

3. What you are going to do after it launches?

Have you gone through what your post launch strategy is? Where you are going to direct traffic after you have initially launched? How you are going to support your clients in your course? These are all questions to consider before you even begin writing your course.

So what’s the real cost of creating your course on your own? Branding, content creation, asset creation, course platform and tech support, social media groups and membership platforms, email campaigns, course materials, post-launch strategy and support … putting it all together may cost you your time and your sanity.


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