The Number One Reason People Don’t Buy More from You (and never finish your course)


Tonight, I showed up for the start of my second round of the Grant Cardone Mentorship Program… and I am in complete awe of the flow, information shared, and overall experience. I mean that isn’t what this article is about but it is important to note that less than eight weeks ago, my business and my focus was not anywhere near where it is today in terms of success and growth. I wasn’t profitable in the least bit (I also was trying to force something the market wasn’t looking for from me) but I was determined and motivated to do something. ANYTHING. Different than what I was doing because it simply wasn’t working.

Getting Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, and their entire team’s ear is difficult, to say the least… unless you are investing in yourself, your business, your future with them. Needless to say, I spent the last round of their mentorship program listening, learning, and secretly applying. And, in the first full month of the mentor program, my business made 5xs more than I had the year before…and was growing. I reframed my process, amped up my networking efforts, and truly proved what I always knew I should do…would work. And would work – well, fast and better than others around. I found my differentiators and am going all-in on what will help me create more impact.

Here’s how I know you are most likely missing out massive revenue potential

Let me ask you, what is the purpose of a course, teaching if there is no application. If you are not held accountable and guided.

As a course creation expert, I want to learn from other course creators who are very successful so I can help my clients get to that level and so I can promote my own courses in a powerful and efficient way. But, it isn’t just about promotion. Mentor programs provide a unique opportunity for your buying audience to buy YOU. They already know you are the expert and including guidance directly from you is irreplaceable.

Let’s just say, that choosing the right mentor(s) is imperative for this to happen. AND mine has over 50 MILLION course logins on his Cardone University site. So, with so much traffic… why would he spend his Thursday nights mentoring hundreds of ambitious, curious and focused entrepreneurs and employees… when he has probably the most course logins in the world?!

It’s simple. Mentorship programs work. And its something you need to consider for your next course launch too.

Why it works

Learning without application is not sustainable.

This program generates the interest of hundreds of people over and over because of this principle. You can be “self-taught”, take all of the courses you want, spend tons of money marketing your course…but if your audience, your learners are not bought in that you really actually care about them. They won’t invest with you again. And they are far more likely to not even complete the course.

Learner fatigue is real and it sucks. You can have the best course in the world, but if learners (especially today) are required to “figure it all out” on their own, they are significantly less likely to either complete the course, apply the knowledge, or even buy from you again. Your course has to be engaging, applicable, and formatted in the right way. Mentorship programs help to ensure, at the very least that learners are accountable for their own actions. Especially, really good programs which include “homework”.

Now, that’s not to say that your course won’t be successful, far from this. In fact, so many course creators are banking on the fact that people will buy…but research has found that most of these courses are leaving people without what they need the most. To do the work.

Mentorships = More Money

Not only are mentorship programs often an upsell opportunity for your course (or vice versa). Having a mentor program provides you with opportunities to upsell your engaged audience time and time again. Your mentorship program becomes your funnel for MORE opportunities to keep working with you.

It is well known that current clients are the easiest to sell to, so why are you waiting to sell them more? Not to mention the fact that mentorship programs generally are sold at a premium because time is money…after all.

Want to learn more about how you can include mentorship in your next launch? Book a call with us today: Book A Call or come join me in this mentor program: Cardone Mentoring


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