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Read our featured case study to see how Works Learning can work for you and your desire to make an impact online.

Diamond Academy came to Works Learning at a critical time in their business. They were ready to explode in the market place but didn’t have the right process or funnel to do so, effectively. Before working with Works Learning, Kathleen Cameron’s website was a hodgepodge of ideas that didn’t fit the vision for her brand, nor her price point for the high ticket coaching offer she had.

We were able to transform her entire website and launch her first signature course, Creating a Diamond, in 3 weeks, to an engaged and ready to buy audience. In the pre-launch, Kathleen was able to secure over $10,000 in new business (and later turn four of her CAD students into full price coaching clients).

Since then, we have worked to help her build her entire course suite and continuous sales funnel including a monthly membership, social media mastery course and are planning for additional courses including a coach certification.

Since working with Works Learning, Diamond Academy has made over $300,000 additional dollars in new business and growing.

But even more importantly, the flow is streamlined, the team is engaged and supported and there is significantly less confusion and guesswork that the team needs to focus on. Instead they can focus on doing what they do best, and we handle everything else!


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