i know what it’s like to want to make an impact.

If you’ve been longing to (finally) take your expertise and turn it into 1) passive income; 2) difference-making; and 3) freedom, you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Sheena Works.

I create profitable online courses for successful experts in 4 weeks or less ... turnkey and completely ready to launch.

My unique qualifications for this work include:

The ability to “speak” in your voice;
The ability to translate your expertise into all of the elements of a succesful online course;

The ability to work quickly, correctly, and efficiently to get your course LIVE in less than a month;

The belief that your desire to share your knowledge with others creates a ripple effect  that I am proud to be a part of;

i hated my job as a
corporate leader.

After years as a systems creator and leader of multiple job training programs, I realized I was never going to be able to create the kind of impact I wanted in a corporate position.  I had a deep desire to be able to create a network of schools that would provide training to under-privileged women — something that would inspire, educate and equip them to create the career (and life) of their dreams.  I understood that I would never be able to earn the kind of paycheck required to implement and build such a network of schools, EVER, in the corporate world.

Deeply committed to my long-term vision, I decided to quit my job and begin consulting.  I’ve always been an educator and my passion is helping others monetize their own expertise in a way that allows them to give back in a bigger way.  In so doing, I believe I am creating a ripple effect from their impact to my own, one that will eventually empower and enable me to realize my vision of that network of schools.

For everyone who has a dream for The Next Big Thing (and just doesn’t think they have the time or energy to make it happen), I see you.  I support you. 

That is what Works Learning is all about: transforming your expertise into impact.

just the cliff notes

Graduated with undergraduate degree – 2013

Graduated with Masters of Education: Instructional Design & Technology – 2015

My son was born – 2017

First course launch – 2019

Became a Board Member for the Tourism Academy – 2020


Case Studies

Want to see how others have created their own ripple effect with online courses and passive income?

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